Innovation by Design


Capital accelerates innovation by helping startup and enterprise partners solve their most important technical, security, and network problems.

We are guided by the three stars above our logo. They represent human, social, and financial capital. Our team believes that these forces are unstoppable. This is our life's work.

We have built leading startups in some of the world's most competitive markets, including Silicon Valley and New York City. Our team's portfolio has included exits to Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

We love to compete. We love to build. We love to create and protect.

Our Global Community


We are a global community of creators and protectors.



We make products people love to use.

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We develop powerful, secure software.


Security Experts

We span geography and industries.

Our Values


We are creators and protectors. We love our work.


We are radically aligned with our partners.


We believe personal and professional excellence is a habit.


We know innovation is hard and lonely.


We want integrity to inform everything we do.


We relentlessly focus on purpose-driven outcomes.