Super Cities mission is to champion inspired health, commerce, and culture everywhere.


Cities are on the front lines of climate change, smart health, connected commerce, and inspired culture.

But cities are broken. They are too crowded, too expensive, and too inconvenient.

So we’re doing something about it. Our smart collaboration system champions inspired health, commerce, and culture everywhere.

We are guided by the three stars above our logo. They represent human, social, and financial capital. They represent inspired innovation.

This is our life's work.

Billions of people. Trillions of dollars. Endless opportunities.

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Capital incubates and launches smart products for modern cities. These products power three verticals in modern cities: smart health and wellness, connected commerce, and inspired culture.



Capital works with universities, government agencies, and corporations to commercialize science and technology breakthroughs.

We support research, development, and commercialization with product, capital, and market expertise.



Modern cities are collaborative. They connect through networks of talent, technology, data, and capital. We enable smart, real-time collaboration.


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Super Cities №164 — People Leave, Culture Stays

Merriam Webster defines culture as “the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization.”

We need a lot more culture in 2019.

Culture requires leadership. Culture demands sacrifice. Culture elevates teamwork and common goals…

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