We invest in aces.

You are bold, mission-driven scientists and technologists, designers and doers, inventors and innovators.

You have deep subject expertise.

You want to solve a big, complex problem in cities.

You love the idea of improving how billions of people live and work.

Our team is your team. Our expertise is your expertise. We do the hard things together.

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We partner with aces to create smart products for modern cities.

Capital combines best-in-class design, technology, and operations, so you can focus on building smart products that can reach billions of people.

We have built leading startups in some of the world's most competitive markets, including Silicon Valley and New York City. Our team's portfolio has included exits to Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

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A bolder, better way to innovate.

Unlike most incubators or accelerators, we work hand-in-hand with you in small product teams, rapidly iterate, and go to market with conviction.

By combining best-in-class design, technology and operations, we go from concept to launch faster, better, and cheaper.

You are an ace. We are your partners.


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